Arcay Fishing® accepts two secure forms of payment, credit or debit card through our BANK payment platform or through PAYPAL.


You can pay for your purchase with any of these cards: Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard and Maestro (CONFIRM ACCEPTED CARDS). Payments made with debit cards shall be charged in real time.

If you choose the method of payment by credit or debit card, check the validity date of your card and that you have not exceeded the allowed limit. This way you will not run the risk that your payment will not be accepted and your order cannot be processed.


If you select the PayPal payment method under “Payment Details”, it shall automatically take you to your PayPal page after you click on “Go to PayPal”.

Paypal guarantees the direct communication of the customer with the entity when making the payment. This way no one can have access to your card details.

The amount of your order shall be charged and deducted from your card when you confirm the purchase.


If, at the time of payment, you connect to a secure page where your card details are requested, these travel encrypted through virtual POS and the card is only charged once the bank confirms its authenticity, otherwise the order shall be cancelled.

Arcay Fishing® does not have access to your card details, only to the order information (amount, product, etc.) and the bank knows your card details. In this way the confidentiality of the purchase is also protected since the data of the payment that is made (description and content) are not required by the virtual POS, only the final amount.